Many of the heritage buildings in Melbourne are rendered brick with solid plaster on the interior. Accordingly HBS has its own team of skilled solid plasterers. Many of the buildings that you see in OUR PROJECTS are rendered facades. Our tradesmen are skilled in running moulds in situ, running moulds on a bench, and taking casts of decorative items, and recasting them as exact replicas.

Our most prestigious solid plastering project has been the reinstate of all of the solid plaster in the burnt out postal hall of the GPO. All of the render and set in the postal hall was completely removed. Prior to removal, in order to replicate the original moulds and cornices, templates had to be taken from existing items or made up from photos. From these the various mouldings were either run insitu or on a bench and with the larger ones such as the upper cornice and the archways, these were run on a bench; a mould was taken and then used to create longer lengths which we then installed. The whole project took approximately one year to complete and is a credit to the tradesmen who worked on it.