HBS have worked in a number of projects which have involved the adaptive reuse of a building that has been built for one purpose but is being used for another. The photos in this segment are from an old wool storehouse at the western end of Bourke street in Melbourne which was restored by HBS to be used as a café and bar and display centre.

  • The process consists of the projection of very fine powders with low pressure compressed air. Powders are selected according to the substrate and soiling degree.

  • This dry process does not require any detergent or chemical products. Since the treated surface remains dry during the cleaning it is preserved from any water or acid agent infiltrations that may be contained in the soiling.

  • The compressed air flow has a tendency to diverge along the surface and low mass particles it contains follow this fan movement. This produces a rubbing action which cleans the surface with no direct impact which would occur if this process were to be used with stronger granularity.

  • Therefore the structures and fragile reliefs of the facades are preserved as well as the stone patina which is the outer layer of which forms naturally on the stone as a protection.

  • The powders used by the Thomann Hanry patented process are non hazardous and cannot harm the façade substrate or the environment.

In 1997 Tom Carson introduced gommage into Australia in partnership with Jean Delaporte from Thomann Hanry when they tendered on and won the contract to clean the first stage of the St. Mary’s Cathedral restoration before the Sydney 2000 Olympics. We have since completed 4 stages of this magnificent example of Neo Gothic Architecture as well as numerous other landmark buildings.

The photos shown here are of the Scot’s Church Redevelopment which was an abandoned church and office complex in the heart of Sydney. HBS cleaned and restored the façade. The before shots show how dirty the façade was before cleaning with façade gommage®.

The other photos are of the Supreme Court which HBS cleaned for the Department of Commerce. It was chosen because it was another example of the effectiveness of this system.

Façade Gommage® is currently being used to clean the stonework at the Central Station Viaduct and Clocktower.